Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative Changes Its Name

The Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative (TIHDI, pronounced “tie-dye”) launched its new name, One Treasure Island, on Friday, February 2, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at the Ship Shape Community Center. Treasure Island residents, commercial tenants, community partners, TIHDI's Board of Directors, and other supporters and partners came out to celebrate this major event.

After being known as “tie-dye” for 24 years and after a yearlong strategic planning process that included scores of interviews with stakeholders such as clients, residents, employers, funders and community partners, it became apparent that while the name served TIHDI well, looking towards the future, when the island under goes massive redevelopment, the name was limiting. While lower income households and those who have experienced homelessness will still be at the center of its mission, One Treasure Island will seek to create a new San Francisco neighborhood where everyone is welcome, included and part of the community. To do this successfully we will strive to build partnerships and collaborate with all the entities and groups on the island.

The vision for Treasure Island is to provide an equitable and thriving new San Francisco neighborhood. The long term development plan calls for 8,000 new housing units to be built, of which at least 27.2% will be affordable. We will be building an integrated neighborhood with people of all economic backgrounds. We are committed to fostering and stewarding an equitable, inclusive, and thriving community for all Treasure Island residents, employees, businesses, and visitors. Sherry Williams, One Treasure Island Executive Director, states, “Our vision is to create a thriving and inclusive new neighborhood on Treasure Island that celebrates diversity and offers opportunity for all. As One Treasure Island we know we can achieve this vision.”

Click on our new logo below to watch the Video as we share our vision for One Treasure Island!

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